Tuesday, March 19, 2013


This weekend I watched season 1 of TWD. Okay, so, in 1 day I watched season 1.

I'm like that. I do these things. On a sick day I watched all 3 season of Black Books. I like marathons.


Anyway, yeah, watched S1 of TWD. On a cold stormy Sunday afternoon. That was stupid. Every sound in or outside the house was super scary.

The first couple episodes were really the worst. In a good way. Intense. Scary. Disgusting. Gross. I was immediately attached to Rick and constantly yelling at him to turn around. I kept tweeting my sister (who had been bugging me to watch TWD), basically yelling about the show:

I'd like to point out, I still don't like Rick's wife. Mostly because she hasn't fessed up to the affair with Shane. And, hello, the man thought Rick was dead! He didn't lie on purpose. She's only mad because she cheated on her husband. Dummy.

I thought it was kinda funny when my oldest sister was trying to figure out what I was watching:

At this point I really want to know the timeline from the moment Rick was shot until he woke up in the hospital. So far I only know what happened when Shane visited and the military were killing hospital staff. And what was that about??? Why were they killing living people???

I wouldn't call TWD my new favorite show by any means. I'm not a zombie fan. Zombies are my husband's thing, but I like scary intense stuff. The story is really good. I can't argue with the acting. The CGI is pretty noticeable at times, but it's not distracting.

I was supposed to watch TWD with my husband and had only planned to watch the first episode, but it sucked me in. So, um, he can watch it on his own. Yup.

Oh, and after the first couple episodes I stopped being such a wuss about it. I used to watch scary stuff by myself all the time. However, walking around my dark house by myself afterward was a little iffy. 'Course, I'm 28 and willingly admit that I'm still a bit afraid of the dark.

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