Friday, April 19, 2013


This week I've listened to:

1. Monday afternoon I listened to a live feed from ABC News about the Boston Marathon bombings. It was interesting because pretty much it was the same information over and over and so much speculation. They had so little to go on. At one point a reporter was saying that because of the nice weather people were wearing t-shirts and shorts so there was even more soft tissue to be damaged. Really stretching for a story there.

2. Digging through the glove box the other day I found a mix CD my husband gave me sometime probably during the first year of dating. There's a note on it that I wasn't allowed to open it until 1:37 (that's the time AJ planned to tell Corey he loved her on Empire Records). The first song is Rakuen Paradise, aka Wolfwood's theme from Trigun:

I don't remember the whole track listing, but it includes Red Sweater by the Aquabats, Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground by White Stripes, and Hold Me by Weezer.

3. On of my favorite movies is The Talented Mr. Ripley (good book, too). I always liked the music on it and it just occurred to me this week to look up the soundtrack. It's very mellow and full of older jazz tracks. I especially enjoy Tu Vuo' Fa l'Americano:

You can listen to the whole album free on Spotify: The Talented Mr. Ripley

4. I started listening to Mezzamorphis by Delerious? this week. I haven't listened to them in probably a decade. Spotify: Mezzamorphis

5. This morning I'm listening to a live feed on the manhunt for the second suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing.

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