Friday, April 26, 2013


1. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
Generally this is my favorite coffee. I honestly haven't had any in a couple years because I can't find anywhere locally to get it. It costs too much to have good coffee shipped.
I first discovered Ethiopian Yirgacheffe when I was a barista at Gloria Jean's Coffees. mmmmm.... Back then I was a big regular coffee drinker. I had only recent become a coffee drinker because I worked at a coffee shop (before that I had the occasional "cappuccino" at *bucks shudder), so any regular coffee I drank was usually more of a Cafe au Lait with plenty of sugar and flavor. But there was something different about Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. It was good on its own. It's the only coffee I've ever been able to drink black without wishing for a little cream.
Quite honestly, tho, my favorite brand for it is Distant Lands Coffees. The owner of our GJ's shop was moving away from the franchise to create his own company so we switched to Distant Lands and their's is the BEST Ethiopian Yirgacheffe I've ever had.

While I'm the subject of Distant Lands, I might as well tell you, I've never had any flavored coffee that was worth the time of day from any other company. The best is French Toast. A little bit of cream and vanilla syrup and, man, you are drinking a cup of waffles!

3. PT's Coffee - Espresso
Okay, I honestly don't know which espresso it is from PT's that I love. Whatever The Coffee Ethic uses. I should probably ask them.
My general go-to espresso drinks are an Americano and a Breve. mmmmm.... I've had these from several coffee shops around town and, I tell ya, none of them are ever as good as the ones from the Ethic because of whatever espresso they're using. It's smooth and mellow and just so perfect. Every time I order a drink or make coffee at home this is the taste I have in my head and all my dreams are typically shattered once I take a drink.
I could also tell you which espresso in town I absolutely despise  but I won't because that wouldn't be nice, but that stuff is rank!

I sort of originally felt like a heathen the first time we bought Gevalia coffee. I thought it more along the lines of glorified gas station coffees like Ronnoco (no link 'cause I wouldn't want to encourage that). Turns out, it's good! We usually get Traditional Roast. The husband wants House Blend but it's too dark for me.

5. Community Coffee
Discovered this a few weeks ago when we were in Louisiana. After an 11 hour drive and only about 4 hours of sleep I was in dire need of coffee and thankfully we found a Community Coffee shop just down the road from our hotel. This is a company native to Louisiana. Which is sad, 'cause I wouldn't mind having them set up shop here in Missouri. However, we did discover that Walmart sells bags of Community Coffee! We're currently drinking Breakfast Blend.

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