Thursday, April 4, 2013


You certainly can't watch this film without being inspired.

I'll warn spoilers here, but there's really no way to talk about this film without telling what happens.

Joe Cross starts out the film at 310 lbs. and sick. He knows he's headed down the wrong way and needs to make a change before it's too late. So Joe takes up a juicing fast and a journey across America.

Like any new diet, his first few days/weeks are difficult. But Joe's a smart guy. He starts out in New York City, walking around, seeing and smelling some of his favorite foods, knowing they're temptations that he's gotta have the willpower to defeat. At the beginning of a diet you can't just keep temptations out of the house and expect to not be confronted with them the second you go out.

Joe shares what he's doing with people as he travels and inspires several along the way. Along the way he meets Phil Staples who is a morbidly obese truck driver. A few months later Phil calls Joe to ask for help and begins his own juicing fast.

I gotta say, Phil was definitely the biggest inspiration in this film. On a 30-day juice fast, Phil lost 60 lbs. Even still obese he was walking daily. He started out just under 500 lbs. and has lost over 200 lbs. I found this article from 2 years ago about how he's done since the film: 'What Happened to...'

Like pretty much any show/film/commercial about food, FS&ND made me hungry. Good news, I was craving a green smoothie real bad! I paused halfway thru to make dinner: Strawberry Banana Green Smoothie.

I looked up FS&ND's website and found Reboot With Joe, a great site from Joe Cross to help those wanting to juice and lose weight. It's a good source for some recipes when you're trying to "go green" and are feeling at a loss.

I started drinking green smoothies at the end of March. Watching FS&ND definitely made me want to stick with it. I considered switching to juicing, but the cost of it is what stops me. Smoothies are a bit cheaper because you're blending up the entire fruit/vegetable instead of juicing and tossing the pulp. I originally started with the intention to mostly only drink smoothies for meals and snacks, with the occasional solid meal, but now I've decided to stick strictly to smoothies. I don't really feel like I could legitimately call it a fast since I'm getting plenty of fruits and greens.

If you want to watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead you've got plenty of options. I watched it on Netflix. Visit for a list of sources.

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