Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Is it considered gardening if it's hanging on the wall?

Recently we had to put a new nozzle on the shower and I realized the shower caddy had been kinking the hose so we weren't getting as much pressure as we should, so I removed it and ended up with a shower caddy I had no idea what to do with. I headed to Pinterest for a solution and found this:

Shower Caddy to Garden Planter
Only problem was the shower caddy was covered in soap scum that didn't want to scrub off (even threw it in the dishwasher for a bit and nothing!). I dug out paints and decided to sorta sponge (with a papertowel) some bronze paint on it and give it an old rusted look. Hey, rust is better than soap scum.

The caddy fit perfect over the balcony light, so I had a start. Yay!

I was looking for some flowers to put in it, not really sure what I was looking for. For any plants I'm putting on the patio I'm making sure they're cat-friendly, but I figured whatever I put in the hanging planter Missy wouldn't be able to reach so I didn't worry. Turns out I got non-toxic flowers without trying.

I found the Alyssum and kept coming back to it. It was just so pretty and simple that I finally decided I had to have it. I wanted something that stood out more for the top rack so my husband chose the pink Begonias. He thinks they're calming. Personally, I was happy he chose them because I remember my Grama having Begonias and they were always so pretty.

Next concern was how to pot them. I had planned just to find a small trough or tupperware container to plant them, but found the small pots instead and hoped they'd fit. They did! For the Alyssum, though, I wanted it all bunched together, sorta hanging over, so I found a tupperware container at home that fit perfect (it happens to be the one we kept our wedding cake in).

For the bottom rack I had this cute little mushroom that I've had for several years. It had faded to mostly white so I painted it. Dumbly, I didn't check to see if it would fit first so after waiting for the paint to dry I was disappointed to discover it like a fraction of an inch too tall.

After showing my mom a pic with the flowers she agreed I needed some cute something on the bottom shelf. I went to the thrift store and found the cute little goose which I have named Gallifrey Goose.

So, even in all my gardening and pretending to be girly, I still snuck in my geekiness. 

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