Monday, April 29, 2013


These alone make me so happy about the weekend!

I finally got succulents and potted them in all my oversized coffee mugs I never use! The husband picked out the cactus and I potted it in a chalkboard mug that I wrote "I ♥ Allen" on. I also used the little pot from the espresso machine we never use. Oh, and we finally have a couple Strawberry plants sprouting in the pot on the left! The container on the right has a solar light in it. It's so cute at night.

Got all my plants and seeds, figured out how I wanted them arranged and got planting!

The tall purple ones are Salvia, the flowers next to them are Verbena, the pink flowers further down are Begonias, then some African Marigolds next to them. Between the Verbena and Begonias I planted some Snapdragon and red Salvia seeds. At the end my Shasta Daisies and Columbine are starting to sprout.

I finished crocheting my flower potstand I got from this pattern here and decided it needed to sit on the coffee table with a succulent arrangement. That's a Hen and Chicks, Burro's Tail, and a cactus I don't know the proper name of, but we named them Sheldon, Leonard, and Penny.

Been waiting to do this for a while! It's always been too cold or too wet, but Sunday was perfect! My dad helped us cut a couple pallets in half and Allen did some structural repair. I wanted to leave 'em really basic. Now I just need to get some pool noodles and fabric to make cushions. And eventually pillows.

Also played with my lovely girl! She was a bit of a brat Sunday afternoon, but she apologized. She kept trying to chew on my new flowers, which I was very careful to buy only non-toxic ones because I love my Missy to much to get her sick. At one point she tried pulling some loose wood off the pallets and when I put my hand over it she bit me! Rat.

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