Thursday, May 23, 2013


This is my Friday. I'm off tomorrow. I thought I'd share 4 things about my week. Only 4 because it's only Thursday, so I'm not required to think that hard today. Well, not in regards to work. That's different. I have a million things to do at work today to make sure everything is caught up and prepared for a 4-day weekend.

1. Continuum
This week I started watching Continuum. It's awesome! My tweets pretty much some up my thoughts on it:

2. Crocheter's Hand
I haven't been able to crochet this week because I have what I call "crocheter's hand". Holding my hand in the position I do to hold the hook hurts like the dickens! Even typing is difficult. However, that certainly hasn't stopped me from scanning Ravelry for patterns I'm dying to try. Like these coasters from Lanas de Ana:

3.  Ergonomic Hook
In addition to finding patterns I wanna try I've also been researching some ideas to make crocheting less painful, such as adapting crochet hood handles like Play With String did:

There are other options, like already existing ergonomic crochet hooks, but holding a giant ball looks uncomfortable. Not to mention that things shaped like that remind of those spiders with giant butts. *shudder*

4. It's my Friday!!!
This morning I was listening to one of my Google Play Music instant mixes which led me to listening to The Hunger Games: Songs From District 12 and Beyond. This album typically annoys me 'cause it's all a bunch of hipster music from bands I've never heard of (I can't not make that joke about hipsters), but this morning I was actually enjoying it. Even Arcade Fire. Although, they're not technically a hipster band anymore because everyone's heard of them.

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