Friday, May 17, 2013


This might be a bit of a stretch because at the moment I can only thing of 2 things, so let's see how this goes.

1. Star Trek: Into Darkness
I'M SEEING THIS TONIGHT!!! My sister says she won't be able to talk to me again until she's seen it. But, I'm a spoiler-free zone. I refuse to give any and I avoid being told any at all costs.  STAR TREK!!! Oh, my giddy aunt!

2. Doctor Who Series 7 Finale
Our little Doctor Who club ("This is the gang. I've got a gang.") missed Nightmare in Silver last week due to our hostess being out of town, so we'll be catching up on that and watching The Name of the Doctor. I don't want to know his name!!! Fairly certain a majority vote of Whovians would be not in favor of this. However, we are talking the Moff here, so it's likely we shan't be learning the Doctor's name because Moffatt is evil and likes to mess with our heads. Besides, whatever they might decide to name him would ultimately be terrible and disappointing. Like when the Doctor on ST: VGR finally chose a name for himself. Joe. Seriously?! Joe?! Stupid.

3. Sleeping in
My favorite thing about Saturdays is the getting to sleep in bit. Which doesn't really happen often because the husband's work likes to randomly schedule 8 a.m. meetings and Missy doesn't understand why I don't get up by 6:30 since I do every other day of the week. We'll see.

4. Um...
See, I told you this might be difficult.

5. Well...
Next weekend I get a 4-day weekend! We're off on the 27th for Memorial Day so I decided to take off the 24th. Hooray! I know you don't care, but it's awesome to me. The 24th is also my niece's last day of school so we're trying to think of something awesome to do. Growing up, on our last day of school we had a tradition of making homemade pizza. The older we got we started just buying or ordering pizza. Now we're all on different types of diets for reasons, so pizza is usually out of the question. Pizza flavored smoothie?

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