Thursday, May 16, 2013


I love my cat. That's pretty evident by the daily pictures I post, status updates, the fact that she has her own Twitter, Facebook, and blog (even if they don't stay up-to-date).

So, when I decided to plant and grow a bunch of flowers I did a lot of research on non-toxic, pet friendly plants. I discovered is a fantastic source for figuring this out. They have a toxic and non-toxic plant list that you can search by cat, dog, and horse. I did a bit of Googling as well, but most sites/blogs point to that list.

And my cat-friendly plants are:

Alyssum - It's not blooming right now, but when it does it has pretty little white flowers. Actually, when I bought this I didn't even check the toxicity because I was going to hang it where Missy couldn't get to it. I later checked it out and it turned out perfectly okay for cats.

Begonias - I love Begonias. They remind me of my Grama. Same as with the Alyssum, I didn't check toxicity originally, but they're fine.

Catnip - None of this has sprouted yet. Missy hasn't cared for Catnip in the past but I didn't think it could hurt. Besides, if she doesn't eat it I can make tea with it.

Columbine - I'm not entirely sure any of these sprouts are Columbine yet. I accidentally threw a bunch of Daisy seeds on the wrong side. I think the little bitty double leaf sprouts might be Columbine.

Lemongrass - I got Lemongrass because it's supposed to help deter bugs, but I had also read that cats enjoy it. Knowing her previous lack of care for Catnip, I assumed she might sniff and ignore it, but no, she loves it! She ate 1/3 of it before I could even get it potted. I was going to set it beside her little hammock, but now I have to keep it up on a table in the corner with all the Hen and Chicks surrounding it to deter her from getting to it. Crazy cat. The things I do for her.

Marigolds - Pretty! I would honestly prefer to have Mums, but those are toxic to cats. Marigolds are the next best thing, tho. I love them because they're very Autumnal. I believe some Marigolds can be toxic to cats, but African Marigolds (what these are) are completely okay.

Salvia - It's so pretty! It looks like wild flowers and I love it. I also planted some red Salvia seeds. There's some types of Salvia that can have hallucinogenic properties and can have an effect on cats if eaten, but it's not dangerous. I don't think this is one of those, but I had difficulty clarifying that. I guess we'll see what happens if Missy ever chews on 'em.

Shasta Daisies - Some Daisies are and some Daisies aren't cat-friendly. These may or may not be okay, I'm honestly not sure. Every site says something different. However, I really don't want Missy eating flowers in the first place, so I just want them to not be deadly if she munches when I'm not looking. As far as I can tell, Shasta Daises are not deadly, they may just 'cause some barfing and such.

Snapdragons - Just barely sprouting. I think these will be such a pretty contrast to the Salvia!

Succulents - Hen and Chicks, Burro's Tail, and Cacti. These are all cat friendly, but that doesn't mean the cactus needles won't hurt. Missy tried biting a cactus the other day and freaked out when she got a needle stuck in her mouth. She's fine now.

Verbena - For some reason, Missy is determined to eat the Verbena. I know if she does while my back is turned she'll be okay, but that doesn't mean I want her eating my flowers and barfing them up on my bed. Yes, even tho they're all non-toxic that doesn't mean they won't still make her barf occasionally  Missy is an indoor cat with, until now, little to no access to to plants. I've taken her out on a leash before and she's eaten grass, but it has always ended up being barfed up on my carpet.

Herbs - The husband wanted to plant some herbs. I'm not much of a cook, so I left it up to him what to plant. (I pretty much just use salt, pepper, garlic powder, and chili powder on everything.) I didn't bother checking toxicity for herbs because I assume that if they're perfectly okay for humans they can't be that bad for animals. Plus, we keep the planter up on the table away from Missy.

Sweet Basil


Note on Succulents, since they're so popular lately - Not every succulent is non-toxic. A lot are, but you just have to do some research to find out for sure. I had planned to get some Aloe, but it's definitely one that's toxic, so I didn't. I still plan on getting some eventually, but I'll keep it on the mantle or somewhere else out of her reach.

If you're worried about any plant being potentially harmful to your kitty (or dog), I really recommend checking out the ASPCA list. Not every single plant is on there, but plenty are. Otherwise, a general Google search should work. I usually search the name of the plant plus "toxic cat."

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