Friday, May 3, 2013


Well, I assume some other states are effected as well considering the size of the weather front.

But, um, it's May 3nd and I wore my heavy coat to work because it's snowing.


This is what our drive looked like this morning. All those pretty green and blossoming trees and SNOW.

Yeah, remember last weekend when I finished up planting flowers and seeds on my balcony and we got our little pallet bench made, and then we found cushions for it and I spent most evenings this week out there with Missy, trying to stop her from eating the flowers... yeah, uh-huh, I covered my plants with blankets last night and brought in what I could.

And this is our 5-day forecast:

So, y'know, by Sunday I'll be spending my evenings back out on the balcony because OUR WEATHER IS INSANE!!!

I remember warm temps in January. I remember snow on Thanksgiving. I remember how this time last year we were already sweating. But I don't remember ever having snow in May. I've lived in Missouri my entire life and I'm pretty sure this is a first.

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