Friday, June 28, 2013


This isn't actually a list of things I'm recommending, but a list of things I'm planning to do while there.

The husband is from the KC area so you'd think that he'd have all these things he'd want to take me to do whenever we visit his family. But he was a gamer geek growing up so that was his focus rather than exploring. Personally, if I'd grown up nearer a big city I'd probably have visited it all the time. Springfield didn't really become "hopping" til I was in college. And by hopping I mean we have several coffee shops and movie theaters.

Actually, Downtown is pretty nice when they don't have some beer-fest going on or if you avoid it Friday and Saturday nights. Now that I think about it, if you just go Downtown during daylight on a weekday, that's probably best, but there's no avoiding the bums.

Anyway, we're going to KC this weekend for a mini-vacation and to hang-out with the husband's family at the firework tent. We're going to take most of Saturday as an actual vacation day on our own and do some KC exploring. I've got a list of places I want to check out:

1. Nelson-Atkins Museum

THEY HAVE GIANT BADMINTON BIRDIES! Yes, that is really the only reason I want to go. I'm not kidding. But, the museum is also free, so bonus!

2. Union Station

I've been to St. Louis' Union Station, but, from what I can tell online, this place is completely different. St. Louis' is a bit ghetto. Kansas City's looks fancy!

3. Extreme Screen Theatre
Well, this is actually part of Union Station, but I think it deserves to be a seperate list item. The screen is almost as big as an IMAX screen and it's only $8 to see Monsters University in 3D! You can't pay less than $12 for a 3D movie on a regular screen in Springfield. You can't even pay less than $9 here unless you're seeing a matinee or going to the Palace.

4. Kansas City Public Library

Okay, I don't actually want to go to the library, I just want to see the awesome building. 'Cause books!

5. Coffee Shops
I love coffee and you know that. I'm gonna get me a caffeine overdose and some neat shops.
Oddly Correct Coffee Roasters - They have a printing press!
Scooter's - I wanna try this place 'cause they have coffee and real fruit smoothies.
Filling Station - They're in an old car garage. How could you not love that?
Broadway Cafe and Roasting Company - Just a cute little place to try.
I'm sure we won't actually try all these places and may likely try others I didn't come across, but I will have coffee!

Any recommendations for other places to check out in Kansas City?

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