Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Last night we planted our herb seeds.

In the round pots we planted the Green Onions. Which I'm really excited about.

I decided to transplant some of the larger Catnip plants rather than start with more seeds. The three containers I have on the balcony are already overflowing with tiny plants. Maybe I'm weird, but I like the smell of Catnip. It reminds me of the stinky wolves at the zoo.

My Aloe that I brought in because it was looking sickly. It's already starting to look better after a day indoors.

The trough planters have Oregano, Parsley, and Cilantro. I left the sticker on for now to help identify which side has what until I can make cute little labels.

I did some research (read: Pinteresting) on indoor herb gardens, how to start and care for. So to start off we filled the planters with dirt, then soaked the dirt, carefully placed the seeds (so we don't have to do so much thinning later), and covered the seeds with thin layers of dirt. Then, for extra measure, I lightly sprayed the top dry dirt. I covered the planters with plastic wrap to help maintain the moisture for the first few days rather than water daily and have the seeds moved about.

After all was said and done, Missy added herself to the shelf. I think she definitely adds to the decor.

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