Monday, June 17, 2013


I'm currently obsessed with macrame. It's the best thing ever!

It all started when I bought some Lemongrass and discovered my cat has a serious Jones for that stuff. The second I brought it home she wanted it bad. While I was trying to pot it she chewed off probably a good third of it. Then I had to keep spraying her with water to keep her away and that more or less irritated her but didn't stop her. So I determined I was going to have to find a basket to hang it. In the process of searching for hanging plant ideas I stumbled across macrame plant hangers and I knew what I wanted.

It's not very easy finding good patterns on Pinterest or Google. Most links lead to books you have to buy. I did, however, find the pattern I ended up using: How to Macrame a Plant Hanger

I've found two other sites with a few patterns:
Olga's Macrame Hobby Site

You can also find some patterns or books for sale on Etsy.

I'd really like to do a double-decker plant hanger. I've seen a few but can't find patterns online I like or want to pay for. I think eventually I could figure out something without a pattern; it's just an issue of making sure I cut enough cord/rope for it.

I might eventually try this as well:

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