Wednesday, July 17, 2013


We went to see Pacific Rim for the husband's birthday. All I knew walking into the movie was it had aliens, robots, the voice of GlaDOS, and Charlie Day. Charlie Day was the main reason it caught the husband's attention.

Have I mentioned before that Charlie Day is totally the husband's doppelganger? He gets asked all the time if he's seen It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which usually launches him straight into an impression. And it's not just the looks; voice, too. Especially the voice.

Anyway, with what I knew I was basically expecting Transformers with some comic relief. Boy am I glad my expectation were wrong! I'll put it this way- If you like Transformers you'll love Pacific Rim. If you don't like Transformers you'll love Pacific Rim. If you don't like movies about aliens or robots, then I don't know why you'd bother.

I'm not majorly into action films. I really like films with good character development. I have to have a reason to root for the character. With action films you generally don't want to waste too much time on a character's background and get straight to the action. With Pacific Rim it really felt like it had the appropriate amount of character development to understand Raleigh. We learned who he was and why he has emotional issues that cause problems (spoiler free, right?). Another character has a background that's frequently referenced and it's pretty easy to see what point they're building up to for the big reveal. It was just enough character development without getting in the way of the story or the action.

A lot of the action was incredibly tense. I honestly had no clue if they'd kill Raleigh or not. (It's an action movie where people die, so that's not a spoiler, 'cause you still don't know. :p)

The nice thing is, the movie had complete closure and I'm not worried at all about a sequel. In the day and age of 3D and multiple sequels, it would be nice to have a stand-alone film for once.

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