Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Well, in case you're wondering what we ultimately did on our trip to Kansas City, here ya go!

The goals, per this post, were as follows:
1. Nelson-Atkins Museum
2. Union Station
3. Extreme Screen Theatre
4. Kansas City Public Library
5. Coffee Shops (sorta; I was feeling miserable and just needed coffee so the husband found the closest place and got me an Americano)

I ended up getting sick so that made vacationing slightly less fun for me. But I did my best to enjoy it.

Firstly, Saturday morning I discovered my love for Naked juice.

We happened to park by this car in the parking garage.

We sent to Crown Center where we wanted to go to LegoLand, but we lacked a child so we could not. Totally unfair rule! So the husband just creeped on this lego statue in the mall.

Then we went over Union Station. The Maker's Fair was happening and we could not for the life of us figure out how to get in until we discovered the Link. We didn't go to the Maker's Fair, but there was plenty happening in the Station to make up for it!

TARDIS balloon sculpture! It was pretty cool to see a lot of geekery happening around us. It gave us a little taste of what going to a con might be like (minus spending tons of money and an even more overwhelming crowd; needless to say, it has me second-guessing EVER going to a con).

And then Iron Man walked thru the crowd. w00t!

 Can you tell from Allen's jump that we were having a pretty good day?

Then we hit up Nelson-Atkins and I had to wonder why, as a Whovian, would I ever want to enter a building filled with HUNDREDS of statues???

I was feeling lousy enough at this point I decided a picture of a GIANT BADMINTON BIRDIE from a distance was good enough. We watched a family almost get in trouble with security for touching it.

I found this in the gift shop. Her hand waves when it's sunny. I was so tempted!

We spent a fair amount of time out at the firework tent (which is the main point for this yearly trip). This year was really nice. Last year was so hot and miserable it wasn't very fun hanging out at the tent, but this year it was actually frigid!

Sunday night we had our family-get-together to eat food and explode things!

 My sister-in-law and her husband had a sparkler sword fight.

 Good firework pictures are very difficult.

Ultimately, it was a fun trip. It was a perfect weekend weather-wise. Just wish the ick could have waited a couple more days before it hit. A week and a half later I'm still fighting allergies and stuff, but having fun with family is totally worth it.

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