Friday, August 9, 2013


These aren't just things I want to do eventually. These are some of the projects I plan to do in the near future.

1. Urchins and Limpits Crochet Blanket
I'm already in the middle of making this. Actually, almost done. But I've been drooling over it on Ravelry for a while and only recently pinned it when I finally decided to make it.
It really doesn't take too long to get a hang of. I didn't go by the exact recommend colors. I wanted to use a little more Fall-ish colors, which mostly meant not using all 9 suggested colors. I only picked 5 colors. I oddly picked a pink as well, but it matches well with the other colors. I can't wait to finish it!

2. Beautiful Hexagon Table Runner
I'm thinking about possibly making this with leftover yarn from Urchins and Limpits. It would be really pretty on the coffee table.

3. Cat Cup
This cup is adorable. I'm thinking about trying this with that Sharpie bake-on thing. I've got the perfect green cup to try it on.

4. Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Chicken Bites
I, uh, need these. When I first came across this recipe I may have said this was what I wanted for my birthday. I'm tempted to make these on my birthday, but we already have HuHot plans, so these may came later during the week.

The best part is that these aren't even be unhealthy. I mean, sure, bacon is typically cured with sugar and has nitrites in it, but you can get uncured bacon that doesn't have unnecessary chemicals in it. Which is awesome because the cured bacon makes me not brain so well.

5. Black Cat O'lanterns
This has believe this was one of my first pins. I love cats and I love Fall, so this seems like the perfect Halloween decoration for me. I kept looking at pumpkins at Hobby Lobby last year wanting to do this, but until they went on sale I didn't like the prices and once they were on sale I could find the right shapes and sizes. This summer, tho, I got a hold of some that someone was getting rid of and they're perfect! Instead of a candle I'll put an LED light strand in the head. I like the battery operated timer ones b/c you don't have a cord to deal with and you can just "set it and forget it!"

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