Friday, August 2, 2013


The 12th Doctor will be revealed on Sunday. In the mean time, speculation reigns supreme!

Let's do this one backwards, counting down to my favorite pick.

5. Catherine Tate
This is my least likely candidate. One, because I don't think the Doctor could change sex or race when regenerating. (Have we considered that perhaps Time Lords can only regenerate into what they already are? Perhaps black female Time Lord(ess) only regenerated into black females. Duh.) Two, because on the whole brain exploding and dying thing. But I have to give the option of somehow bringing Doctor Donna back because she was so fantastically brilliant! So, y'know, something could happen where 11 could fix her brain and she ends up becoming an actual Time Lord.

4. Tom Hiddleston
Not really one of my votes, but he seems a good candidate. He would be lovely to watch on a weekly basis. But I'm okay if he just sticks to Jossverse.

3. Richard Ayoade
From the IT Crowd. I know he's usually a comedian, but so is Catherine Tate and that was never obvious to me while she played Donna. While I'm against making any racial changes to the Doctor, Richard Ayoade would have to be my only vote if they decided to go that way.

2. James Nesbitt
I was initially against this. I loved James Nesbitt in Jeckyll so my belief is that, if anything, he would make an excellent Master. But, the more I think about it, he would be really good. This man can play good or evil without blinking. Plus, I feel like he could almost be a throwback to 9's personality. Let's step back from the super quirky a little. I'd almost consider switching him to my number one vote at this point, but I won't.

1. Rupert Grint
If the past three regeneration are any indication, the Doctor just keeps getting younger and wants to be ginger. Welp, now's a good a time as any! Plus, Rupert Grint has become a pretty decent actor throughout his time with Harry Potter. He also managed to successfully come out of those awkward teen years.

I know there's other much more likely candidates out there, but I have no clue who some of these people are. I've never seen a Bond film in my life (and we're going to keep it that way no matter how attractive Daniel Craig is) so I don't know this Rory Kinnear guy. Benedict Cumberbatch is too busy being awesome. Daniel Radcliffe has a relatively successful career as it is and I think I would rather punch him than see him as the Doctor.

Let's just make this clear. If someone has already been in Doctor Who I'm going to say it is highly unlikely they would become the 12th Doctor.

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