Tuesday, August 13, 2013

CON n00b: PART 2

Okay, I've made plans.

I've warned the husband that I'm going to be super organized and prepared for this. If I have control over something I should be able to avoid some anxiety.

I've been doing research, readings posts, looking for suggestions, and I think I've compiled a good checklist and should be decently prepared.

General Packing

  • 5 outfits (1 per day) - that's a clean pair of pants, shirt, etc per day. There's lots of warnings about not being stinky.
  • 2 pair extra socks/underwear - I always pack extra for any trip expecting to get stuck in some kind of weather that will make me want/need to change.
  • 3 pair of shoes - 2 pair of tennis shoes to alternate days and a pair of flip flops for backup.
  • Pillow and blanket - I know the motel will obviously have those things, but I'm paranoid about hotels/motels that I didn't research and book myself.
  • Toiletries - I may be a girl, but I pack the bare minimum. I don't have a makeup bag.
  • Meds - prescriptions, headache pills, and vitamins. I am so not getting "con crud." Also some Airborne for the husband.
  • Tech - phones, tablets, and chargers. Anything I'm missing?
  • Music - Road trip music is essential, but deciding what CDs to pack is annoying, so I've decided to do a 30-day trial with Spotify so we can have our pick of any music commercial-free.
  • Relaxation gear - I've got a bad back so I'm taking my heating pad and Tens Unit.

Con Gear

  • Backpacks - We've got a couple sling packs my dept. got rid of since they've got old logos printed on them. I've recovered them to show our geek pride.
  • Tech - phones, tablets, and chargers. I've made a specific GenCon setting on my phone so it will only be used for calls and camera so my batter should last decently. I'll use my tablet for internet as needed. I'm hoping there will be wi-fi access. Otherwise, I do have unlimited data on my phone but I want to avoid using it to save my battery. We may be taking an extra camera.
  • Tens Unit
  • Batteries
  • Water bottle
  • Snacks
  • Small notepad and pen
  • Sonic Screw Driver - Obviously.
  • Meds - headache pills, hand sanitizer


Well, not giving you specific dollar amounts, but we've budgeted for the following:
  • Meals
  • Snacks
  • Drinks
  • Merch.
  • Gas
I'm obviously not going to have tons of free time since I'm helping run a game, but we've been assured some. And in that free time I have some general plans involving the following
Peter Davison
Neil Grayston
Walter Koenig
Open Craft Room
The Doubleclicks
The Graveyard Stompers
Costume Contest
Art Show
Observing gaming - I will likely not participate in any gaming because I'm on the super beginner end of the spectrum, but I do want to watch a bit. It would be fun to play Catan, but I've only ever played two-player, so I'd need a bit of a learning curve.

Okay, so, all you experienced con-goers, anything I'm missing?

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  1. Sounds like you're all set! I would recommend bringing your own snacks, though..con food can be more expensive than it's worth (5 bucks for a second-rate slice of pizza. I wish I was joking). Also, the free wi-fi (if they have it) will probably be slow and unreliable, because everyone wants to use it.

    I've been following your blog for a while..I'm a fellow Whovian and crocheter. And not a creeper, I promise. ^-^