Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I'm gonna break this down into days instead of one giant post. 

Day 1: Wednesday, August 14, 2013

We got up at 5 a.m. That's an evil time.

Got ready, packed the car, and headed to HyVee for donuts and gas. We decided to be those people. The ones that bring a box of donuts when meeting a group of strangers. 'Cause we're awesome, right?


The original plan was to meet at Meta-Games and leave at 8 a.m. That changed to 7. Because we are who we are, we showed up at 6:45. We didn't leave until after 8. *facepalm*

Getting ready to leave.

I created a Spotify playlist for the occasion: Road Trip to GenCon. We pulled out of the parking lot blasting the Doctor Who opening theme from Series 4 (yes, it's important you know which one is my favorite). We soon switched the The Muppets OST because we were wide awake with lots of energy and needed a sing-a-long.

These moments are always oddly exciting.

Obligatory pic of the Arch. When in St. Louis....

Welcome to Downtown Indy!

 We finally got to Indianapolis at, like, 6p.m. or something around that. They're an hour ahead. We unloaded the Ozarks Rising supplies at the Hyatt then found a place to park and crashed in our game room for a while. And we got our official credentials.

Planning and building and arranging started. I tried to help, but being a girl and all I obviously knew nothing and was ignored. Even when I had properly read the instructions and they couldn't figure it out and improvised. So, I sat back and watched.

This is Sally. Sally is our survivor. I like to call her Laurie.

Around 9 we were all starving and decided it was dinner time. We walked to Scotty's Brewhouse. It took half an hour to get to a restaurant that was 2 blocks away because our "guide" forgot how to get there. However, we did get a fun walking tour of Downtown Indianapolis. And we passed real-live British people!

After dinner we went back to the Hyatt to finish setting up and do a practice run. Which never happened. So I fell asleep on the floor instead. We finally left to go to our motel probably around 1 a.m. We were absolutely exhausted. Driving 7+ hours is tiring!

Our motel was disgusting. That's all I'm going to say on that.

End Day 1.

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