Thursday, August 29, 2013


Day 2: Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thursday was our day off to go explore GenCon. We got up, got dressed, and parked about a mile away (6 blocks). It was a fun walk to the Convention Center. I love walking around a new city.

But first, coffee!

We tracked down a shop called Chocolate Cafe. The second we entered the baristas immediately guessed Allen's costume and got very excited. Mine I had to explain.

Baristas and us as Hipster Princess Daisy and Hipster Mario.
(Excuse the blur. Someone else was nice enough to take a pic for us.)

Mmmm, coffee...

To GenCon! The dealer hall didn't open until 10. One of the guys we went with had posted a pic showing the huge crowd waiting, so we waited til a bit after. It was a good thing we got our badges the day before or we would have probably had to wait a few hours.

Upon entering GenCon

When we first walked in we immediately saw a lady dressed as Carmen Sandiego. The husband shouted "I found her!" She nodded at us, walked about 5 feet, and stopped to wait for another person to find her. Best. Cosplay. EVER.

We started wondering around and heard an announcement for Peter Davison and Walter Koenig signing autographs. We decided to skip the rush and stopped to play a game demo first. When we did finally go to the media guest area the line was surprisingly short.

While waiting we met this lady in her TARDIS dress. The Police Box choker is what initially caught my attention.

Meeting the good Doctor. I love his expression. Like he had no clue what to think of the husband.

The husband and Peter Davison, the 5th Doctor

Me and Peter Davison

And then we met Walter Koenig. This is where my anxiety started to kick in a little. I'd been doing fine walking behind the husband, occasionally hanging on to his bag. But then we met Walter Koenig. I mean, hello, the man played Chekov on the original Star Trek series! This man is part of the origins of my geekiness! I may be a Next Generation fan, but if not for TOS TNG would never have existed!

The husband and Walter Koenig

I couldn't get my picture taken with him. I mean, I could have, but I mentally couldn't. The husband wanted me to but I couldn't make myself go near him. Shaking his hand was enough for me.

Here's some pics of things from around the con:

This guy dressed as Arthur Dent

Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers

Cardhalla - read about it here

The sheep is a Mayfair thing. I still don't get it.

The husband attacking a Dalek

I'll leave you with the husband posing with the TARDIS at the Who North America booth:

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