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I've been working on this for MONTHS!

I started this blanket... I wanna say... last October? It was supposed to be a Christmas present for my sister. Well, by Christmas I only had about 1/5 of the blocks done, so I joined them and presented my sister with what I had. I also gave her a set of Scrabble coasters that can be used to play on it.

I've been working on and off on this blanket ever since. I made a huge chunk of the blocks back in May but then my fingers started hurting from too much constant crocheting so I had to take a break. I worked a tid-bit here and there in June and got it to 3/5th completion. I decided I HAD to get it done before the end of July. So I spent a couple weeks just constantly making blocks then joining them all and FINALLY reached the end! I waited until the very end to stitch the star to the center block so that could be my triumphant finale. It felt SO GOOD!!!

I had originally intended to use black or white to join the squares to make a more distinct separation between them, but back in November I was getting antsy and only had Buff on hand at the time so I ended up using that.

There are a few mistakes here and there- things I forgot I'd done on previous squares and didn't continue to do, some squares are bigger than others, and there's a couple slight mismatched colors, but it all worked out in the long run.

They've gotten a little worn This project
called for a bit of coffee and shows it.
I did a lot of researching and planning before I started. I created an instruction sheet with every possible bit of information I thought I could need (see pic to right). I immediately used different yarns than I had planned, probably due to cost (it's been too long to remember). I initially planned to use the same pattern for each square but ended up using one pattern for the tan squares, a basic granny square (occasional modifications) for the light blue, dark blue, and pink squares, and a completely different pattern for the red squares.

Here's some basic instructions if you're interested in making a Scrabble blanket of your own. Keep in mind this is a massive and time consuming project.

Squares - colors I used in ( ), all Red Heart
Red: 8 (Burgundy)
Pink: 16 (Pastel Pink)
Dk. Blue: 12 (Windsor Blue)
Lt. Blue: 24 (Light Blue)
Tan: 164 (Buff)
Star: 1
Total: 225

Base Square (tan)
Ch. 5, sl st to first ch to form a ring.
Rnd 1: Ch 3 (counts as first dc, now and throughout), 2 dc in ring, *ch 3, 3dc in ring*, rep twice from * to *, ch3, join with sl st to top of first dc. (four ch 3 spaces)
Rnd 2: Ch 3, dc in next 2 dc, *shell in ch 3 space (shell= 2 dc, c
h 3, 2 dc), dc in next 3 dc*, rep twice from * to *, shell in last ch 3 space, join with sl st to top of first dc.
Rnd 3: Ch 3, dc in next 4 dc, *shell in ch 3 space, dc in next 7 dc*, rep twice from * to *, shell in last ch 3 space, dc in next 2 dc, join with sl st to top of first dc.
Rnd 4: Ch 3, dc in next 6 dc, *shell in ch 3 space, dc in next 11 dc*, rep twice from * to *, shell in last ch 3 space, dc in next 4 dc, join with sl st to top of first dc. Fasten off.
You should end up with 15 double-chains on all 4 sides.

Colored Squares (pink, dk. blue, lt. blue)
Use the basic Granny Square pattern. It's an easy one every crocheter should know, but if you don't you can use this pattern from You'll want to do 5 rounds so you'll end up with 15 double-chains on each side (5 clusters of 3 dc).
For my pink and lt. blue squares I turned after each round and worked the opposite direction. It gave the squares an interesting texture. I didn't make any changes for the dk. blue squares.

Red Squares
I failed to bookmark the pattern I used for these squares, but this may or may not be the right pattern: Rosie Posie Grannie Square Tutorial. If it's not the same one it's pretty close. This pattern ends with 15 double-chains on each side so you don't have to worry about modification.

Y'know, this was the hardest part. I originally planned to use the star pattern from April Draven's Super Star Slouchy Hat (my sister bought me the pattern b/c I love it so much but I've never managed to make one with colors I like), but just wasn't what I wanted. I eventually lost track of the pattern I did end up using, but it doesn't matter too much because I massively altered it to get it the right size and shape. There are plenty of patterns for crocheted stars out there. The size of it would be your personal preference. I wanted my star to slightly overlap the center square it would be stitched to. You can make it fit within it, though. Whatever you want.

I joined the squares two rows at a time with a single-chain in each corresponding double-chain (that makes sense, right?) and also single chained once in each corner space, so there should be 17 single-chains connecting 2 squares. So long as you have a picture of a Scrabble board in front of you there shouldn't be any problems with getting the right colors in place.
Some of your squares may be slightly difference sizes, but so long as you use the same yarn weight and hook for all of them it shouldn't be too bad. All of my traditional granny squares were slightly larger than the base squares. I assume it just has to do with how they're worked. If you want them to all be the same size you can add a border to each base square; just make sure you keep 15 double-chains on each side. I didn't worry about it because once they were all joined and the blanket spread out you really couldn't tell.

I just did two rounds of single chains around the entire blanket. Missy helped.

Whenever I fasten off squares I leave the tails hanging. It would probably be less time consuming at the end if I just weaved them in as I went, but I don't. Once all the squares were joined and the edging done, I spread the blanket out in the floor and went through looking for every loose end to weave in.
I sewed the star to the middle square with the tips just barely overlapping onto the neighboring squares. I used tan yarn color to give it a little bit of a border and so it wouldn't be noticeable on the backside.

Total Cost
I didn't keep track of the number of skeins used, plus I used some that I already had on hand, but I did some figuring and based my cost on Hobby Lobby's price of $2.99 per skein of Red Heart. Here's my estimate:
Red: 1
Pink: 2
Dk. Blue: 1
Lt. Blue: 2
Tan: 8-10 (I feel like I may have used a bit on another project in-between.)
Star: 1
Total: 15 - 17
Cost: $44.85 - $50.83

So, adding in "production time" and profit, I could sell this thing for $100+.

Note: Keep track of what color you use for each square. Write down the yarn colors or keep the labels. Once you start joining squares it gets a little too big to lug to the store to match yarn colors. The first 4 pink blocks in the middle section are a brighter pink, but it worked out okay since they only touch the other pinks at the corners and they're both soft pinks. 

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  1. This is gorgeous! I was looking at a blanket the other day and the squares were all too random for me �� and when I was trying to arrange them to suit my OCD I thought of a scrabble board . Then I thought that would a great blanket . I played scrabble for years growing up with my granny . We also had a word game we played every day , She would look up a word in the dictionary and I had to fit it in to our conversation at some point in the day . A game I played with my kids too. Anyway I thought I wonder if anyone has made one before ? And the answer was yes ! But only a few . I had thought of the mood blanket thing but I fear the blanket would be rather dark . I digress , your blanket is gorgeous and has inspired me ! I will send you a picture if I ever finish one of my own but I think it would be a great gift so I'm going to attempt it it helps you have been so kind as to leave your pattern so I don't have to do any of that side . I love it it's really geeky In the best possible way !