Thursday, August 15, 2013


Ohmygoodness, so much #omnomnom!!!

I made this for dinner last week and the husband and I both loved it! It was so good and filling that we were both full after only 3 slices. And I had made 2 pizzas, so yay, leftovers!

This comes from and I made it exactly per directions.

The only differences were that I don't use store bought pizza sauce (no more chemicals and unnecessary ingredients!). I just used a little can of tomato sauce. I also took them out of the oven about 5 minutes early because I thought the sides were starting to burn. Turned out they were fine, so I'd recommend going ahead and cooking them the whole recommended time.

When I cooked my chicken I just boiled it until done. No salting or seasoning. With the cheese and spices added to the crust it gets plenty of salt and seasoning. Plus, I put pepperoni on top so it was even saltier. Next time I may just use veggie toppings to avoid feeling like I just ate a salt-lick.

I imagine the springform pants aren't completely necessary, but if you have them I recommend using them. I borrowed some from my mom; otherwise, I would have just made these in pie tins. You could probably even free-form them on a pizza pan, but you'll probably have trouble getting it even and thick enough.

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