Monday, August 5, 2013


Last Monday was the husband's and my 2nd wedding anniversary.


I mean, it feels both long and short at the same time. I mean, I've known this guy for 8 years (been with him for 3 months shy of that) so we've been together forever, but the 2 years of marriage just sorta snuck up on us but it's weird that it's ONLY been 2 years. Y'know?

Anyway, we really didn't do much for our anniversary. We had gone to KC at the beginning of July so another trip was sorta out of the question. But we're saving up for a good anniversary trip. Probably for our 5th. And more than a weekend. We only got a weekend honeymoon so we deserve a good long anniversary trip at some point.

Okay, to the point. What did we do to celebrate our 2 years?

We ate food.

Not just any food. We went to Nakato Japanese Restaurant. I grew up in Springfield and just now finally got to go. Mmmmm, it was so worth it!

We have a rule of not playing with our phones on dates so I didn't take pictures. Once I saw what one of the chefs (is that the right word for Hibachi?) did at another table with an onion, tho, I had to record ours doing it. IT'S A FLAMING ONION!!!

After this experience I told the husband that if/whenever we own a house we're going to have a Hibachi grill. In the backyard. 'Cause fire. We're going to have an awesome backyard.

Wouldn't y'know it? We failed to take a picture together for our own anniversary.

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