Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I'm so excited that Peter Capaldi has been named as the 12th Doctor.

Honestly, until last week I had never heard his name. Last week I came across is and the mention that he's been in Doctor Who before but I ignored it. It was some guy I've never heard of so I didn't care and wasn't rooting for him.

Sunday, with the announcement, I found myself getting excited about it. I was relieved that none of the actors I rooted for had been picked. I didn't really want the Doctor to get any younger. I didn't want him played by anyone I think would actually be better as the Master. I didn't want anything about him to change.

I am so excited that the Doctor is finally being played by someone older again. I feel like this opens up so many more possibilities and, perhaps, we'll get away from all of the flirting and childishness. Not that 12 can't be goofy; by all means, I hope there's some goofiness to him. The Doctor is a goofy, lovable, mad man with a blue box. But, really, if we continue with the flirting now he's just going to become that creepy old man nobody wants to be around.

After the announcement I went home and watched The First of Pompeii. Oh my giddy aunt! I miss such good episodes.

I don't dislike Matt Smith as I did back in 2010 (really? It's only been 4 years?). He's grown on me. But he still is not my Doctor. He's definitely gotten better, but the stories have been so different since he's been around. Not that that's his fault (*cough*Moffat*cough*). I just hope that with an older actor some of the writing might change with him.

I miss when epic stories took at least 2 episodes. As opposed to having an epic story that ends before you've had a chance to even fully grasp what just happened. And can we stop with the pointless additions? Who cares if the monsters trying to kill everyone are in love?! Send the other one into the collapsing universe and kill them! What was the point of the android being a brother? It had no real effect on the story. He would have done what he did even as an android.

Dinosaurs on a spaceship. No argument here.

Anyway, I'm super excited about the new Doctor. I realize my fandom has somewhat been waning and I think Peter Capaldi will do the job nicely.

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