Friday, September 20, 2013


I have no subtitle for this 5 Friday because this is just gonna be a random list.

1. Cider Days
A few weeks ago I asked the husband if we could go on a date on the first day of Autumn and then I noticed that it coincided with Cider Days. And then the husband ended up getting all of this Saturday off so it pretty much worked out perfect!

Cider Days is an annual fall festival held on Historic Walnut Street. I went once before a couple years ago but I remember it being hot and not fun. This year it's supposed to be sunny and a high of 74°, so perfect for a fall festival! Obviously, there's cider (which I'm not a fan of), performers, crafts, other food and drink.

2. The Heat
I've been wanting to see this and it's finally at the Palace (our $ theater). I had said I wanted to see it on my birthday in August, assuming it would have been out long enough to have already moved to the Palace, but apparently it did better than I expected and stayed in the regular theater for a while.

I'm a Sandra Bullock fan. So is the husband. I'm also a Melissa McCarthy fan (since her Gilmore Girls days). Knowing I love these two separately, I imagine they're going to be hilarious together!

3. First day of Autumn
It's only 2 days away!!!!!!!!!!11111oneone

4. Ferengi teddy bear
Yesterday the husband randomly surprised me at work with this cute little guy! (Cute is subjective.)

5. Pumpkin Spice Syrup
Last night was my first attempt at pumpkin spice syrup and it turned out very good. I'm not going to devote a post to it because I followed this recipe exactly: Homemade Pumpkin Syrup for Pumpkin Lattes

I will, however, be working on it more to perfect it to my specific taste and make it sugar free, so I'll probably post more about that later.

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