Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Friday was our day to be zombies.

We arrived early to wonder around the dealer hall a bit before our long day. We had excellent timing and go to see them set up the Dalek with a guy inside.


The husband and the Klingon troubadour. 

And then we became zombies.

Rawr! We're undead!

The husband played the drunk in the first scene (that later became the boss zombie).

Halfway through the day it became apparent that more caffeine was needed and discriminating taste would have to go by the wayside. meh Enough cream and even St*rb*cks can taste halway decent.

I tried to take some pics of the game during the boss battle, but it was too dark. At least you can see how dark the room was during the game. This is pretty accurate.

By the end of the day we weren't acting any more. Limps were real. Standing up straight was a chore. Moaning in pain was easy. We'd been battered and bruised by so many boffers.

Okay, if you want to know how the game works, here's my breakdown:

Scene 1:
We open on a Renaissance Faire that has been overrun by zombies. The rescue team (the guys who pay to play) comes in and sees bodies everywhere. There's a drunk in the stocks that rants about the zombie attack and how a rescue team had come before and had all disappeared. He's released from the stocks and leaves ranting and singing all crazy like. The team starts to check for any survivors and the zombies begin to rise and attack. There is one lone survivor named Sally. They're supposed to rescue her as a side mission. After the small horde is killed the team moves on.

Scene 2:
I have no idea what the setting is for this scene. The team comes in, finds an ammo box with a puzzle that has to be solved to claim the ammo. The zombies hoard. The teams solves the puzzle and leaves.

Scene 3:
The rescue team goes searching for survivors in the forest and stumble upon corpse trees. The trees have been infected by the zombie virus. Bodies are hanging from the branches and lying at the base as roots. They're flailing and attack anyone that comes near. There's an ammo case in the middle of the trees that's rigged to blow if not opened carefully. The trees have to be killed to get to the case. If things take to long in this scene the trees will start uprooting and chasing people.

Scene 4:
For some reason there's a modern lab at the Renaissance Faire. Go figure. I think this is where the zombie virus may have originated. There's a fairly menacing and large zombie that attacks right off the bat, but he's killed. The hoard attacks. The hoard is killed and the drunk comes stumbling out even more drunk, complaining that he doesn't feel good, and morphs into a mutant zombie of sorts in front of their eyes. They injure him, he runs off, and the hoard returns. Then the drunk returns as mutant boss zombie, large and imposing, nearly impossible to kill. He's got all sorts of bizarre attack methods, injuring (but typically not killing because we're instructed not to kill the people who pay to play) several of the team. They finally take him down but he's not dead. In most games the boss wouldn't die until someone realized he had to be beheaded.

And that's the basics of the game.

Typically we weren't allowed to injure or kill the players. We had boffers and they had boffers or guns or some other weapon. Our boffers caused 1 damage, so we usually tried to know ahead of time how much damage the players could take. Sometimes someone would be a jerk and refuse to acknowledge damage (i.e., cheat) and they would suddenly become a zombie target. Cheaters occasionally killed. Some groups had such high levels and tons of hit-points that we would just go nuts on them and by the last scene they'd be so low on hit-points, to avoid killing them, we'd just walk up to them and wait to be killed. 

One memorable group had a guy that during initial instruction indicated that he wanted to be killed and play zombie against his team. Most of the team members had pretty high levels and we were instructed not to kill them. This guy, however, did his best to get killed. By the final scene he was dead and spawned as a zombie. He kept attacking his teammates. He was having so much fun that we all basically hung back and just watched him go nuts on everyone.

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