Thursday, September 5, 2013


In the wee hours of Saturday morning (because we only ever got about 3 hours of sleep a night), I noticed a Tweet from The Doubleclicks looking for some games to play so I invited them to Rising Vs. I won the internet that night.

They never showed up, but it was the Tweeting that counted.

Rising Vs. is basically just capture the flag. The zombies had to eat 3 brains that were on the floor on the human side (I don't think any group was ever successful) and the humans had to get 3 bombs into the zombie "cave" (it was a box on the zombie side. The zombies had boffers and humans had guns.

Here's a video I took of one of our first games. I think it was the 2nd one. The guy actually acting like a zombie at the beginning was British.

I apologize for any bad language.

During a break we went to St*rb*cks (it was located in the Hyatt, so it was convenient and this is in no way an endorsement) where I saw this guy dressed as Adama from BSG!

After we left it occurred to me that Adama was at St*rb*cks and that made me laugh.

For a couple games we had no one show up (I don't understand why people would pay money for something then not show up) or had too small of a group to run a game so we had occasional free hours. Typically, if we only had 3 or less show we'd give them the option of coming back for another game or getting a refund. Most were willing to come back.

One time only a young girl and her parents showed up. She wanted to play so bad that while we waited to see if anyone else showed she ran up to every person that came near (we were located by the elevators) and begged them to play. She convinced one guy to play so we were able to run a 4-person game. Then she stayed for another game. I think that's the one the husband and I ended up playing to make it a larger group. That's also the only game I played because I ended up hurting myself (and could barely walk for a week). But at least I had fun so it wasn't in vain.

Our last game ended at 11 while a regular Rising game was still running. We hung around until it ended then helped pack some things up so we would have less to pack in the morning.

We got back to the motel, I wanna say by 1:30 and were so excited because that's the earliest we'd gotten back and we actually got about 6 hours of sleep! Did I mention we were utterly exhausted at this point?

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