Friday, September 6, 2013


The end is was near.

This counts as a 5 Friday, right? Day 5?


We packed up and headed into downtown Indy early so we could get coffee and some con time before we had to be at the Hyatt to finish packing up Rising stuff. Neil Grayston was supposed to be signing from 10-12, so we wanted to catch him before we got busy.

The husband had heard about a coffee shop across from the convention center that he wanted to try so we tracked down Bee Coffee. It was awesomely geek-themed. I doubt they're always like that, but it was fun that they were for the GenCon crowd.

What's better than a Storm Trooper barista? The Starfleet barista we didn't get a picture of.

After coffee we went straight to see Neil Grayston.

We got into line and one of the workers asked us who we were there to see. When we said Neil she told us to cut line because no one else was waiting for him. Yay!

He was so stinking nice! He shook our hands and chatted with us for a few minutes. He noticed my shirt (3 Wil Wheaton moon) and asked if we'd met him. We told him we hadn't but had watched him play ST Catan at the Mayfair tent. He mentioned he'd been there, too. He asked us if we wanted his autograph made out to both of us. The husband said he'd only seen a couple episodes of Eureka so to only make it out to me. I mentioned that I had also watched Wonderfalls and he said "Oh yeah, I always forget to bring Wonderfall pictures for, like, the 2 people have seen it." (I doubt there's so few of us.) Then he actually got up and came around the table to take a pic with both of us. His handler was nice enough to take a picture with both our phones, but she cut out his hands so you can't see that his arm is actually around my shoulder and he's doing thumbs up.

Afterward I realized I should have told him I named my external drive after him b/c I'm a dork and he's awesome.

A pirate, Klingon troubadour, Wookiee, and fairie band with a belly dancer. Only at a con.

After we packed everything up at the Hyatt we went back to the con four a couple more hours.

The husband demoed the new Firefly board game. I have no clue how it works. It's crazy.

I was really excited about how well done this guy's Vash the Stampede coat was. But then I was disappointed when he said he just happened to find it online. I'm impressed more by fan made/custom made costumes. I think it shows how much heart actually goes into your fandom. The husband has one that he hand sewed in high school/college. Still cool, tho.

We saw a ton of Meridas.

One last look at GenCon...

...then home.

Most of the others in our group stayed to have dinner in Indy and didn't get back til the wee hours of the morning. We got back about 10 p.m., including time to get lost in St. Louis.

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