Thursday, September 12, 2013


You're stunned, right?

I know, right? Don't get used to it. It's unlikely to happen again.

Okay, so, last Friday I had the day off and remembered that I still had a free birthday coffee from St*rb*cks (it's free, that's why). The husband and I went to the mall (that doesn't happen much either) to take advantage of this little fact.

Actually, we started at Target thinking I'd get it at the SB there, but I couldn't get the app to load. It kept trying to update my star count. Ha! I don't have one. Restarted my phone and it still didn't work. We thought maybe I just wasn't getting enough signal. So we headed over to the mall and I still couldn't get it to load. I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling it to try to get it to work. Still didn't work and it had logged me out and i had no idea what my log in info was. So I tried a few ideas and it couldn't find my user info. So I tried logging in online and the mobile website kept reloading and being useless. The husband installed the app on his phone and tried to log in with my info. The first few times it didn't work, then it logged him in using the first log in info I tried. Then I finally got it to log in on my phone and update my lack of star count and that I had a free drink waiting to be redeemed. After all that trouble, claiming my free drink was like taking vengeance of such a stupid and pointless app.

Finally at St*rb*cks, I decided to order a Pumpkin Spice Latte since they're, like, all the rage. The barista offered me a Venti (by the way, that means 20, not 24; obviously SB failed the math portion of the SAT) and I said I'd take the biggest drink she could give me for free. Then she offered extras which I turned down because I didn't know how this thing would taste in the first place so why bother?

It wasn't half bad. The espresso portion of the drink was lacking, but the pumpkin spice flavor was better than I'd anticipated. Any pumpkin flavoring I've had before has just been nasty. I know the actual flavored coffee beans aren't worth trying, but whatever syrup SB uses is better than the one's I've tried previously. However, I can tell ya this isn't worth being a yearly tradition.

Pumpkin Spice Latte: I giver it 2.5 out of 5 stars. E for effort.

St*rb*cks app: 1 out of 11. No stars, just numbers. At least when it did finally work the barista was able to scan it to redeem my free drink.

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