Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I watched the series premier of Sleep Hollow Monday night. It was good. Something I think I could enjoy on a weekly basis.

When I was a kid I hated the Disney Sleepy Hollow cartoon. Scared me so much. Then I watched the Johnny Depp movie when I was in college and decided I sorta liked the story. And now, now FOX has taken the story and brought it into present day. Okay. My kind of show. (Y'know, like OUaT.)

The story telling of the show is pretty decent. No problem with how things are explained. I get that the Headless Horseman is the first Horseman of the Apocalypse, Death. He needs his head back so he can summon the other 3 Horsemen (which are apparently represented by white trees in the forest; this point lost me a little, but I know it will make sense the more I watch). There are two factions of magic in Sleepy Hollow. The evil magic folk summoned Death and Ichabod was given the duty (by George Washington) of killing him, but in the process of beheading Death Ichabod was killed by him and their destinies become locked together in a battle of time. "He cannot die, unless you take his head and, with it, his power. In the end there can be only one." Sorry. Wrong show. Basically, I wasn't really confused what was going on as it was all explained. Except for when the weird demon-y thing killed Sulu in his jail cell then went into the mirror. Not really sure what that was about.

Okay, so my basic problem with the show isn't with the show at all. It's on the wrong network. These type of shows tend to do well on the CW (formerly WB; see Buffy, Angel, Charmed, Roswell, Supernatural, etc.). And there's the fact that FOX is notorious for canceling these types of shows with potential (see Firefly, FreakyLinks, Strange Luck, John Doe, Tru Calling, etc.). So, while there may be lots of potential for this show, it's going to be on some rocky ground for a while if it gets past 3 episodes (3 is the number I give new shows); make it past 3 and there's a chance it will get a full season, but beyond that we'll just have to see. However, I see the possibility of it quickly garnering a cult fan following, so if it is canceled there will be fans to fight for it, even if it means 10 years from now talking about one of the greatest single-season shows FOX canceled.

To summarize, after just one episode I see great potential in the show. I have no real concern about the show itself. I have an issue with the network it's on just because FOX is never a safe network for a new series.

Okay, there is another point that is a concern about the show itself. If it does actually make it past a season 1, what's the plan? I see season 1 going one of two ways: 1) Ichabod kills the Horseman and prevents the Apocalypse (Why is everyone always trying to stop that anyway? 'Cause it's gonna happen whether Sam and Dean say so or not) or 2) a subplot will show up that Ichabod focuses on solving for the season and the fight with the Horseman continues into a second season. But, if the point of the show is to stop the Horseman from calling forth the other 3 Horsemen, thus preventing the Apocalypse, once Ichabod succeeds, where does the show go from there? I assume one of the plot points this season will be for Ichabod to rescue his wife from wherever she's trapped; of course, she'll be killed by the Horseman later. Mark my word. And he'll fall in love with Abbie.

Also? I need to move to New England.

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