Friday, October 11, 2013


This week has been exhausting! I don't even know why. Next week is one of my crazy work weeks and I get why I would be so exhausted then, but this week just hasn't gone well for me mentally or sleep-wise.

Thank the Lord for geekdom and hobbies to get me thru!

1. Supernatural
Turns out the CW lied to me when I was writing down all my important premier dates on my calendar. At the time it told me Supernatural premiered next Tuesday, when in all reality it premiered this Tuesday and I missed it! I was so excited to finally get caught up and be able to watch in real-time!

However, Wednesday night I manged to finish the last few episodes I had left of Season 8, so I'm ready. I also discovered that the CW has this hand-dandy app that will allow me to catch up on this week's episode so that I'll be prepared for next week. I'm so excited!!!

Oh, and, um... Tohmoh Penikett!!!

2. Sleepy Hollow
After 2 episodes I gave up and don't care. Well, technically, 3, but I missed the second episode. I didn't even try to bother this week.

The show itself isn't so bad, but it's not what I expected. It took a sharp turn from folk tale to horror story. Y'know I watch a lot of sci-fi/supernatural/fantasy shows, and this just isn't one that's gonna stay in the mix. I didn't expect Ichabod Crane to be fighting demons. That's what the Winchesters are for. Duh.

3. Leather Tooling
Last Friday I tried my hand at leather tooling (the husband got a starter kit for his birthday). Turned out pretty awesome.

 4. Craft Fair
My work has an annual craft fair in November. This year my sister, co-worker, the husband, and I decided to share a table. The craft fair tends to be a bit of a bust for most participants, but splitting the cost 4 ways seemed like a decent idea to not be out too much $$ while possibly making a little $$. My sister is blogged about it.
I'm making a few crocheted items, but my leather cuff was kinda of a prototype to see if that's something I could make to sell as well. So I bought a few more cuffs and did some more tooling. This weekend I'll do the edging. They're turning out pretty awesome.
The husband is making some geek themed keychains:

5. A Beautiful Mess/Red Velvet
ABM is closing Red Velvet after tomorrow. They've been having an "estate" sale since Wednesday. The husband is currently over there perusing to see if there's anything I might want. And to see if there's enough left to bother going tomorrow (because they've only been open during my work hours).
He's been sending me pictures of adorable things:

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