Thursday, October 31, 2013


As a Christian I honestly don't have anything against celebrating Halloween. It's a good, clean, fun holiday for kids. Granted, it encourages an unnecessary amount of candy consumption, but otherwise it's not really evil. Not unless you make it, which I don't.

My sister sent me this quote:
Totally true!

This year the husband and I got to go to our Sunday school class's Halloween/Harvest party for the first time so we brainstormed the best costume we could pull off:

 Bob Ross and a Happy Tree!

We won best costume. 'Cause we're awesome like that.

I explained the the husband that I don't enter a contest unless I intend to win. Even if it's 2nd or 3rd place, I'm gonna win or I'm not gonna bother. Like last year's balcony decorating contest at our apartment; I decorated to win. We got 3rd but would have gotten 2nd if our neighbor hadn't copied our idea at the last second (literally, the weekend before the judging while ours was decorated the entire month).

This year I didn't bother decorating the balcony other than just with some Fall decor that makes me happy. I couldn't think of a good theme worth entering into a competition. So I just added some cornstalks to each side of the railing, a couple pumpkins, and the Pumpkin King jack-o-lantern from last year. It makes me happy in the evenings to drive up and have Jack smiling evily at us.

Tonight, assuming the rain stops in time, we're going to James River's October 31st party with the nieceling.

Afterwards we plan to order pizza and finally watch Hocus Pocus. We've never seen it.

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