Monday, October 28, 2013


I'm so busy and stressed lately. Work's been super über crazy, but I think it's starting to get better. Home has been one craft after another.

Next week is the annual employee craft fair. I'm sharing a table with my sister, a co-worker, and the husband. I keep looking at everything I've made and thinking it's not enough! But then I have to remind myself it's an 8 ft. table shared by 4 people. We'll have plenty.

Here's a peek at my stuff:

Ornaments, coffee cozies, and leather cuffs. Plus some of the husband's key chains.

I love crafting and crocheting, but doing it to sell isn't nearly as fun as making it for myself or family. I think maybe a custom order for someone could be fun, but just stocking up feels tedious.

My Mama came to visit Saturday afternoon and brought my lil sis Fannie (yes, her dog is my sister). After the last animal visit by my niece Fiona (sister's black cat) I didn't expect this to go too well. Missy went all attack cat on Fi.

Missy spent most of the visit creeping up on Fannie and sniffing her tail. At one point they faced and sniffed each other. Missy kept getting puffy, but she never hissed. I was impressed! Makes me think we should get a dog instead of another cat.

I decided to rearrange the dining room kitchen bedroom house yesterday. It started with wondering about moving the microwave to the coffee cart in the dining room and all the coffee things to the kitchen, to storing the microwave and moving the cart to the spare room to become video game central, to rearranging all the cabinets and dishes, to thinking about moving my dresser out of the closet and back into the bedroom, then to completely rearranging the bedroom.

I'm pretty happy about the coffee setup in the kitchen now.

The kitchen is semi-usable at the moment, but I've got several dishes with no home at the moment. As for the bedroom, well, we were able to sleep in bed and Missy barfed on a stool, but it otherwise looks like it's been hit by a tornado.

I foresee this week being another week of crafting. Still have a few crochet items to finish. I'm done leather tooling. I mean, I could keep going, but I have to stop until I know my cuffs will even sell. And I should probably get the bedroom back in order.

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