Thursday, October 3, 2013


I'm totally in love with my new hat!

I just finished it Wednesday night. I started it Monday. Got most of it done, but then I had to stop and do the ears to make sure I didn't run out of yarn finishing the hat first (which I still have extra, so it's cool).

I could have finished this Tuesday night, but when I started stitching the pieces together I realized the ears were HUGE. They were nearly double the size I finished with (not exaggerating), so I had to redo those first. For comparison, the original ears took 4 pieces (1 front and back each); when I resized the ears I only had to use 1 set (2) to make the new smaller set of 4 and they're still fairly large.

I was pretty excited to discover I had fury yarn in my stash that matched almost perfectly.

Here's a pic from the front so you can see the buttons I added on the left side. The thing on the right ear is just an asterisk because it's cute. The original pattern for the ears has the little anime angry emote. While it's cute, I didn't really wanna walk around looking angry to anyone who might recognize it.

I'm still not really sure about the buttons. I did it based on the original pattern because it was cute, but it might not be necessary for this. I had wanted to find cute mouse shaped buttons but, short of ordering some, I couldn't find any. Now I'm kinda thinking about finding a pin.

Here's some cute ones from Etsy:

Vintage Mouse Pin with Rhinestone Eye

Mice with Acorn

Pinky and The Brain

Vintage pin with a funky mouse

And now I'm thinking I'm probably going to find a Pinky and the Brain pic I like and ask my sister to make a popcap pin for me. 'Cause I love Pinky and the Brain!

For the hat I used this pattern called Urban Revival:

I modifed the size to fit my head, otherwise I went by the pattern. I probably would have liked it a little smaller, but that just means I have room to shove my hair in it in the winter.

I used this Anime Cat Hat pattern for the ears:

The original pattern stars with chain 15 and ends up pretty large, which is good if you want large anime cat ears, but I wanted a tad smaller. So, instead of 15, mine started with chain 11, 4 rows of 10 sc, then decrease each row by one, ending with 3 sc. I stiched the asterisk with some sparkly white yarn. Then I attached the front and back together with single chains using my fuzzy yarn. 

I attached the ears to the hat between the band and the body of the hat. Basically, attach about 1/3 of the band to the hat, then slip one ear between the band and body, attach the 3 pieces, then determine where you want the second ear, attach the band and hat in the space in between, then attach second ear the same way as the first. Then finish attaching the band and hat til your done. Or, you could attach the band to the hat then sew the ears on, but I figured attaching the ears between the two pieces would help them stand.

After I finished my hat I was wearing it around the house and asked the husband what he thought. I asked if he thought I was too dorky. He said that I tend to be my dorkiest at home, so I pointed out that I have every intention of wearing my cat hat outside the house. He just looked at me like I was crazy.

Whatevs. I have an awesome turquoise cat hat!

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