Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I wanted to put off reviewing Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. until I had seen the second episode because the first episode was mostly me shouting excitedly.
Hey, is that Gunn? It's Gunn!
Oh! Ron Glass!
Hey, they got Robin back for the show! Is she permanent or just a guest?
Awesome, we're making references to the Avengers.
Yay! Coulson is alive!
Wait, we're not calling them mutants?
Yay! Book!
Oh, he is so totally a clone! And he doesn't know it. They just downloaded his consciousness like a Cylon. Coulson is a Cylon!

And so forth.

The pilot was a good episode, but I was in the middle of making super yummy cookies and getting overly excited about every little thing that happened to really be able to form an opinion that was more than, "YAY! JOSSWHEDONCOULSONISALIVETHISISGREATJOSSVERSEROCKS!"

So, episode 2. I sat on the couch the entire time crocheting and watching happily.

Generally, I like it! I haven't seen an action show I liked so much since Alias. Of course, Fitz and Simmons are my favorites so far. They're essentially the same person but with enough differences to make them lovable, including their accents. They interact like brother and sister and I hope it stays that way instead of becoming romantic.

Last night's episode reminded me a lot of Firefly. Even if we don't get more Firefly, it's nice to see those elements back on tv.

Can I just say, I didn't trust Camilla for one second. I knew she was going to double-cross Coulson. It was too easy getting her on the plane with her men.

I think they're making too many Avenger references. I mean, it's not like we're unaware of the connection. It's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., for crying out loud! It almost feels like Coulson is name dropping all the time. Like mentioning that Skye being a consultant is similar to Tony Stark's role on his previous team or that the last 0-8-4 they encountered was Thor's hammer. I'm not saying we should ignore that Coulson previously worked with the Avengers, but it reminds me Phoebe from Magic School Bus always saying, "At my old school..." Yes, we get it, Phil, your last team was made of win.

Oh, second favorite character is May! She's the Cavalry!

By the way, I just added "Coulson" to my Chrome dictionary so it would stop telling me it was wrong. That makes me happy.

So, my verdict on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is that, of the new series I've started so far this season, it's likely to remain on my viewing list. I can't say that as much for Sleepy Hollow; that one's still a bit iffy. But, I still have OUaT: Wonderland coming up next week and I think I can already predict that as a keeper being that OUaT is still one of the very few shows I watch on real tv (i.e., not one of my many Netflix shows).

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