Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Thursday and Friday is the annual employee craft fair. If you're interested (and know where I work) you're welcome to come check out our stuff! You can look at other peoples' stuff too, if you want, but you're a jerk if you buy from them and not us.

Last night I was up later than intended making sure I had everything ready for the fair. I think I came up with a pretty cute display for my cuffs.

I took individual pics of all my cuffs. Missy was really fascinated by the MST3K cuff. I couldn't get a pic without her so I gave up.

I recently ordered these cute kitten headphone jack plugs:

They arrived yesterday way ahead of schedule. Go China for being so prompt! I have a little Missy sleeping on my phone now!


Yesterday at work we had our Autumn birthday party. I made crockpot pumpkin spice coffee (I'll share the recipe later). It went over pretty well. I even received the compliment that it tasted better than St*rb*cks.

Brought the rest home and made omnomnom iced pumpkin spice coffee.


  1. Hey I want these cute kitten headphone jack plugs. Where did you order these from? Please tell me the website.

    Finn Felton

    1. Amazon.