Thursday, November 7, 2013


Yeah, I'm probably not the person to ask about that. Or my co-workers. 

A couple co-workers and I were in charge of planning the October/November/December birthday party for our department. We decided to do something different than the typical Autumn themed party (which I could have decorated excellently because I have a crazy ton of Fall decor). After turning down the Praying & Fasting theme, we chose the Jungle theme.

Co-worker A made those cute little animal name tags for all the birthday people. Correction, an "unnamed man on the internet" made the cute animals, she printed them, wrote the names (really cutely), and hung them.

I was in charge of the streamers, which were intended to look like vines. As you can see in the pic above, I fail at hanging streamers, but I'm awesome with vines! I don't have a picture of the column I hung them on, but you could tell that the shortest of the party planners hung them because they only went up as far as I could reach.

Co-worker A also made a dirt cake and decorated it with a tiger. It was more like yummy quicksand.

Co-worker B made Fun-Fetti cake dip for animal crackers. #omnomnom!

I made a savory Monkey Bread using this recipe.

This bread was awesome and now I need an excuse to make more! FYI, if you decide to make some, cook the bacon first and cut the biscuits up last. I got it all mixed together then realized I'd forgotten the bacon; in the time it took to cook the bacon the biscuits are started mushing together and it wasn't too pull-apart anymore.

I also made crockpot Pumpkin Spice Coffee using this recipe.

There was other food that I forgot to take pics of.

As I said, if you want to know how to throw a jungle themed party at work, ask someone else.

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