Monday, November 25, 2013


Dearest Internet (i.e., fellow geeks; read: fellow Whovians),

I believe we should make a pact from now on that when a THING happens in the world that is fantastic and brilliant and Geronimo, we should all agree not to speak of it for 3 days. That gives us all 3 days to catch up and know what's what.

Then, after the 3rd day, if anyone remains not caught up it's on their own heads.

This seems the only logical way of avoiding spoilers.

The only other alternative would be to scream and shout and flail before posting spoilers so those of us not yet caught up will have time to close a tab or look away. Make it obvious!


That's to say, I'm 98% sure I know something I didn't want to know without having watched the Day of the Doctor this weekend.

I will be watching it tonight on the big screen. If you've already seen the DotD, don't talk to me. If you see me coming down the hall turn the other way and RUN!

I'll talk to you tomorrow.

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