Thursday, December 5, 2013


It's supposed to snow like crazy woah today!

Springfield tends to get a little spazzy when our meteorologists mention snow or ice. I blame it on the ice storm of '07. 

These are today's headlines on the local news sites:



This is our forecast and weather map for the day:

Several area schools are already closed or planning early dismissal (if you don't know the Springfield area, we're surrounded by rural communities)

I'm more than a little excited. I brought my boots to work fully expecting to need them when I leave. A few co-workers are anticipating our early dismissal. I don't know what to expect when the weather starts work-wise. In my time here I've only experienced full snow-days. Never have we been told to leave early, but I've only been here 3.5 years. Our bad winter weather tends to be on a 5-year cycle.

Today's #merryChristmassing activity is to go see a movie.

We're supposed to go see RiffTrax's Santa Conquers the Martians. We bought tickets several weeks ago, so I hope, despite the weather, we'll still be able to make it. I doubt there's a cancellation policy.

In other news, my new phone arrived yesterday! I'm now the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S4 named Sarah Jane. I basically have no clue what I'm doing with it right now. It makes me feel slightly dumb when it comes to smartphones because it's so much smarter than my HTC Vivid was. I plan to do lots of reading about it this weekend.

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