Tuesday, December 3, 2013


I refer to all Christmas oriented activities and events as "Merry Christmassing."

If you remember last year, we started a new advent tradition (a daily activity housed in a cute little packages tucked into an old Pepsi crate). This year I'm just calling it Merry Christmassing because it's not really associated with the advent beyond being a daily celebration of the Christmas season.

We started our Merry Christmassing on Sunday, but haven't really done anything yet because time hasn't allowed for it. If you follow me anywhere (online, not in real-life, 'cause that would be stalking; no stalking) you've seen pics of the first 3 days.

Day 1:  TBD
The husband worked Sunday and my oldest sister and her husband were still in town so I hung out with the family all day. The husband got home after midnight so we didn't have time for any fun Christmassy activity. I did, however, go to Bass Pro with the family.

Day 2: Find holidy hat/socks/etc.
Well, we forgot. We went grocery shopping last night and as soon as we got home I realized we forgot to look for anything, but we were also in a little hurry because the husband had a script read-thru to go to.

Day 3: Winter walk
I'm hoping we'll have time for this one tonight. The husband has another script read-thru for another show tonight, so we'll see.

FYI, in case you weren't aware, the A Beautiful Mess app was released to Android last week and I'm super excited! This app is the only reason I've ever been jealous of the iPhone. It's great because it's exactly the photo editing type of app I've been wanting.

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