Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Tonight we'll do our first official Christmas shopping!

Granted, I've already bought a couple items at the store and ordered a few things online, but this will be our first Christmas-centric shopping trip.

I should probably sit down and figure out what I'm getting people first. Other than what I've already gotten I have no clue. The husband was unusually easy to buy for this year. I've already had to put a cap on my purchases for him. My sister, who is usually super easy to buy for because we're very similar, is more difficult this year because her family recently moved in with my parents to save up to buy a new house so she's gotten rid of a lot of things and there's not much she wants right now. I had a really awesome idea for my Mama the other day, but I failed to write it down and have no clue now.

The husband's family is more difficult to buy for. We live 3 hours from them while they all live relatively in the same town and are around each other all the time like we're around my family all the time. So, basically, I'm not around them enough to know what they like. The only one I know what to get for is my brother-in-law's cat. Brody is my favorite cat-in-law! He's a crazy cute, big, orange cat.

Last night we didn't get to do our winter walk for day 3, but we're gonna role that and buying hat/socks/etc. into tonight's shopping trip.

Last night, instead, while the husband was at a rehearsal I worked on repairing my Mama's nativity. Last year one or two of the bulbs burnt out. I don't remember if I was trying to replace those or what, but in the process the fuse blew on the whole thing. After a year in storage I planned to get it fixed. Since all the bulbs were out it would be ridiculous trying to replace them all. Instead, I took on the task of carefully taking it apart to remove the old strand and replace it completely.

See the tail on the left? Missy hates having her picture taken, but the second I try taking a picture of something else she's gotta be in the pic.

I had to unhook a few strands of fishing string on the front and back. I taped it all together beforehand to keep the strings in the right order. Luckily, some of the figurines had come loose so I was able to move those out of the way to work. To remove the lights I had to cut the cord up, which was oddly fulfilling.

I replaced the old green cord with a new white cord. I thought the white would be less obvious/prettier when the lights are off. Some of the garland bit the dust but there was just enough left in good condition to get it put back together properly. I also glued down the loose figurines with E6000 and hot glue. The E6000 wasn't setting fast enough so I figured the hot glue would help hold them in place until the awesomely strong glue set.


I love taking things apart and fixing them.

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