Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Yesterday morning I went into work late to avoid heavy slow traffic. This morning we went 25 in a 45 and the roads were worse than yesterday. Should've slept in again.

 I don't understand why we're even here or why we didn't at least have a late start. I actually got an e-mail last night confirming that we would be open today. Which was kinda mean, 'cause when I saw the sender line it got my hopes up that we would be closed. They don't normally e-mail to confirm we'll be open. Well, at least Springfield schools are still out so we get to wear jeans. That's something.

I took a ton of pics on the way home from work yesterday because 1.) I wanted to play with the camera on my new phone and 2.) it was snowing.

No matter how many pics I took, Rudolph blurred.

This is a cool effect I discovered Google adds thru Auto-Awesome.

Entering the Square on a normal day can be pretty dangerous with Springfield drivers. At least the snow slows them down. 

Pretty Christmas decorations!

Gotta love a church in the snow.

This is one of my favorite historical homes. It goes up for sale every couple years. If had a couple hundred thousand dollars I'd buy it and never let it go!

Per our 9th day of #merryChristmassing activity we went out to build a snowman. The snow didn't really want to pack so we ended up with a snow mound that I decided was snow Mt. Vesuvius.

The husband made a snow angel.

 We tried to take a walk in the lovely snow but I wussed out, so we went inside to build a fire and drink hot cocoa.

I've basically determined that I have no idea how to use any function other than call and Facebook on my new phone. I at least discovered that the zoom on the camera is pretty impressive. It's no Nokia Lumia 1020, but pretty impressive.

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