Friday, May 9, 2014

starting now

A lot of people make new resolutions at New Year's. I've never been a fan of that and, instead, made it a habit to not start the New Year off with any goals.

This year sort of changed that.

After having drastically changed my way of eating last year, going mostly low carb and natural-ish, I decided this year to try Paleo. Mid-January I convinced the husband to agree to a 4-week Paleo challenge. He cheated (he's addicted to bread, much like I used to be) but I ate 100% Paleo. I immediatly went into a Whole 30 challenge, with only a weekend off between the two challenges. After 30 days of eating strictly Paleo we had dinner at HuHot (our favorite restaurant). I had looked over the menu before-hand and decided if I just avoided all the noodles it could still be mostly Paleo and it wouldn't null the point of having eaten healthy, whole, natural foods for the past 2 months. The next day my body was a trainwreck. After 2 months of healthy eating my body was no longer used to all the chemicals found (I assume) in the sauces. Seriously, I physically hurt and could barely move. I had a migraine; I basically felt like what I imagine having a hangover would feel like. That sealed the deal. I was officially sticking to a Paleo diet and never putting chemicals in my body again.

Over the last year I've also slowly been working toward removing chemicals from my everyday use. At this point, I believe, I don't use or ingest anything with chemicals.

Since the beginning of the year I've lost 20lbs.

Eating healthy and losing weight goes a long way to feeling better about myself physically and mentally. I'm starting to fit into clothes that haven't fit in over 2 years (excited!) so I'm starting to dress nicer on a daily basis; wearing less of basically the same thing repeatedly.

Making healthy changes this year kept me thinking about making more, like maybe going to the gym. But I've always had 2 pieces of criteria for a gym that gave me a valid excuse for not going, 1.) the price and 2.) distance. Well, recently, a Planet Fitness opened up near us. You can't argue with a 5-minute drive and $10/month. A couple co-workers joined a few weeks ago and I finally decided to go with them and join. After just a week I upgraded to the Black Card ($19.99/month) so I could take a guest, meaning the husband (upgrading is way cheaper than paying for two memberships, plus other perks). In the last 3 weeks we've gone as often as possible. I'm actually sad I haven't been since Sunday; the husband has been busy every evening prepping for performances at Trek Con this weekend.

I guess with all these positive changes I've started making since the beginning of the year (it seems so long ago yet it's amazingly only May!), feeling physically and mentally good, I'm starting to think more about what I would like to begin accomplishing professionally. Or it could be that I'm turning 30 this year (so don't feel that old) and I see myself doing absolutely nothing with my BA in Graphic Arts (I'm the one with the degree but both my sisters are doing design work, argh).

I've recently (as in just this week) come to the realization that I kind of love social media and the impact it has on today's society. I mean, we live in an amazing world where we can instantly read about, in 140 characters or less, what someone half-way around the world is doing at this very moment. One hundred plus years ago it took months to find out if someone made it across the country in their covered wagon, but, today, I can read about what a missionary is doing in Thailand within minutes of him/her posting to Facebook, Twitter, a blog, etc. Who wouldn't want to be part of that amazing phenomenon?

We live in the future and the future is awesome!

Okay, all that to say, I'm turning 30 this year and I've decided it's time to take some charge of my life, to do what I really want to do and stop sitting around, waiting to have enough money to do what I want to. Watching Netflix all evening is one of my favorite things, but shouldn't I spend that time, instead, gaining some knowledge and training myself for a career I want?

I've decided I would like to be a Social Media Coordinator and Web Admin. I'm amazed by social media and love to organize. It makes sense, right?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not giving up on my dream of having a screen printing business. That's still going to happen. The two things can even happen in conjunction with each other.

Starting now I'm going to work on getting the proper training I need to do this. I've been looking into some courses for certification and such, but, honestly, social media is hands on. I'll take courses if I can, but I'm not sure about investing $2000 to $4000 for certification.

In an effort to jump start my plans, I rearranged the dining room to set up a work station:

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