Wednesday, June 4, 2014

strawberry shortcake with coconut cream

 June is, as always, a crazy busy month for me. Because of work. It consumes my life.

Monday was our first day on the CBC campus and this coming Saturday begins Orientaiton. So, this Friday we decided to have a kick-off party for our department before everything gets crazy. The four of us in our office (we'll say Boss, Thing 1, and Thing 2) are hosting a BBQ at Thing 1's house (she gets to be Thing 1 b/c she's been here longer than Thing 2).

I, being all paleo and healthy (Thing 2 is also a bit of a health nut), was asked to bring a healthy dessert. Perfect! I've been wanting to make this Strawberry Shortcake from Primal Plate forever, so I finally had an excuse. Not having made it before, it really needed a test-run.

I followed the full instructions for the recipe with three exceptions:
1. I used honey instead of maple syrup - this is just a personal preference.
2. I only baked for 25 minutes b/c they started getting dark.
3. I used coconut milk instead of heavy whipping cream, because I already had some coconut milk in the fridge and had wanted to try making whipped cream with it. This didn't really work out b/c it was only half a can and didn't have enough of the cream part left, so I just mixed it all up real good.

This recipe was a huge surprise. Anytime I make something with coconut flour it has a strong coconut flavor. Which I don't really mind, but that can get tiresome. These shortcakes, however, didn't taste coconut-y at all. They actually tasted like real shortcake! Straight out of the oven they were really moist, but a day later they were perfect.

I will be more than happy to make and take strawberry shortcake to our party Friday night. I love when I can successfully prove that eating healthy and naturally can be just as good as eating that chemical filled junk.

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