Friday, July 11, 2014

5 Friday: 5 Summer Things

You know me. I love Autumn.

But, this time of year, it is most definitely NOT Autumn. In fact, it's Summer. meh

I'm not a fan of these hot Summer days. The rainy days are good. Even the icky, muggy, sticky rainy days. Rainy Mondays, those I can take. Hot, sweaty, bright, sunny Summer days, no thank you.

But, Summer is a fact of life and I just have to learn to live with it and make the best out of these awful 3 months of Summer. 'Cause, hey, Autumn is only 2 months away!

Here's 5 things I can manage to enjoy about Summer:

1. Crocheting/Knitting
Well, okay, I can enjoy that any time of year, but still. I started learning to knit back in January and it wasn't so bad. It just takes. For. Stinking. EVER! I knitted a potholder-sized block in 3 days that I could have crocheted in 3 hours. Granted, I have no idea how to get the same type of texture with crochet, so that's a perk. And maybe it'll go a little faster the more I do it. Which means I should probably start doing it again. 'Cause I sort of got annoyed at the amount of time knitting takes and gave it up after January. hehe

I have a couple crochet projects I'm focusing on right now, though. My mom requested a shawl/wrap for my Aunt, so that's my priority. I'm also working on a stash busting blarf (blanket/scarf); I have so much yarn that I have no clue what to do with so I'm doing this. Then, once my stash is busted, I can buy new yarn. *devious grin*

2. Gardening
That's obviously a thing I enjoy. I love checking out my balcony garden every morning to see what new and exciting things are happening. Like blossoms on my tomato plants (not long now!) and new baby Basil sprouting!

When it's not too hot, Missy and I like spending time on the balcony with the plants. I do weeding (never would have thought that would be a problem on a balcony) and pruning while Missy does her best to eat my Impatiens when I'm not looking.

3. Maxi Dresses
This is a thing I've just started enjoying in the last couple weeks when I finally purchased my first maxi dress. It feels like a right of passage.

I am woman. I wear a maxi dress. Hear me meow!

No, seriously, I would consider giving up ever wearing slacks or jeans again if I could have a closet full of maxi dresses.

Just wait til I figure out how to crochet one.

4. Doctor Who
It was announced a couple weeks ago that Doctor Who Series 8 would premier August 23. Wahoo!!!

5. Celebrations
July 16 - the husband's birthday
July 29 - our anniversary
August 19 - my birthday

These things are probably what make Summer the most bearable. I have these things to look forward to every Summer, so that's good.

We celebrate a birthday week for the husband because that's something he grew up doing. Which, that started yesterday. Me, while I absolutely freaking LOVE my birthday, I'm good with a single celebration.

So, not all bad, right? 

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