Thursday, July 10, 2014

Balcony Life: June Recap

I love my little balcony garden.

It's not as elaborate, colorful, and flowery as last year. Most of my plants didn't make it through the winter. Some of them I gave up on because I just didn't have anywhere to store them indoors for the cold months. Some lived indoors for a month or 2 then just gave up on their selves. What did make it through was 2 (out of 6) of my Begonias, the 3 Catnip dishes, and all of my Succulents. My Succulents did a weird thing and grew tall instead of wide during the winter and I can't find a thing on the Googles about this being normal.

Now that I'm living the Paleo life, I decided, this year, to focus my efforts on growing herbs and other edible things.

I love, love, LOVE tomatoes, so I bought a Topsy Turvey and got a couple tomato starts from my Dad. They're growing so quickly!

On just the second day they started curving up. They hang right in front of the balcony door so they're fun to look out at and watch their progress. I can't wait for actual tomatoes to start growing!

I also got 3 Strawberry plants from my Dad. Two of them can't decide if they want to live or die, but one is doing great. It was growing 2 Strawberries. I plucked one because it looked good and ripe, but when I went to clean it it sort of fell apart because a bug was living inside. I was really sad.

My little Jade plants are doing fine. One day I was repotting them so I decided to snip off a leaf and see if I could grow a baby Jade. It's been sitting in this jar for 2 months and I thought it was slowly dying, but then I brushed some of the dirt aside and saw the little nodules at the bottom. I'm growing a baby Jade!

After the one Basil plant that grew so tall last year (and didn't make it as a house plant over the winter), we really wanted to try for more. After planting the seeds we had a random May frost and only one managed to ever sprout. So I threw some seeds on top of the dirt to see what would happen. I have 3 more sprouts and a potential escapee in the trough next to it. Excited!

Other plants:
- 1 Pepper plant and a second sprout
- 1 Celery plant (regrowing from a store bought plant)
- Cilantro and Parsley that keeps getting eaten by bugs
- Something else that I can never remember what it is
- Dill that isn't doing so good
- Raspberry plant that is doing awesome!
- 2 Begonias that were looking a little iffy, but I trimmed them and they look great now
- 2  Impatiens, one red, one white
- 3 pots of Catnip and 2 little pots that I just started some seeds in
- Several different Succulents and 2 Cacti

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