Monday, July 28, 2014

Comic-Con 2014

Missed SDCC like me?

Somehow completely forgot to obsessively follow Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr for the last 4 days like me?

Then you probably need to do some SDCC catch-up like me.

I highly recommend following Epbot (if you don't already because you drank crazy juice as a child). She posted some of the best of SDCC last night:

If you're a Supernatural fan I assume you're already following Misha Collins on Twitter. He is the most entertaining way to following anything he's involved in.

I did catch a little SDCC action via Seth Green and Clare Grant on Instagram:

They definitely win favorite geek celeb couple.

Amy_Geek (also mentioned on Epbot) is one of my favorite attendees to follow. I caught a smidge of her live-tweet of the Supernatural panel yesterday:

K, that's all I've got for you.

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