Monday, July 14, 2014

Doctor Who Happened

This weekend there were a few brilliant Who-ish things.

Firstly, some of my Doctor Who group got together Saturday to watch the 1996 made-for-tv Doctor Who movie starring Paul McGann.

I'd seen it before, but, really, how could I pass up watching it a second time with Whovians? I absolutely love awful 90's made-for-tv movies. Throwing some Doctor Who int he mix makes for brilliance! Plus, all the lovely Whovian and geekish conversations involved in a get-together like that makes my geeky heart go pitter-patter.

Secondly, this was released by the BBC yesterday:


Thirdly, Five Iron Frenzy posted this pic on their Facebook last night:

I'm not a major FIF fan (they're the husband's favorite band), but I care enough to follow their FB. I couldn't begin to tell you what member of the band that is, but the important thing is that he's a Whovian, which now makes FIF all the more awesome.

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