Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Geeky decor

I've been wanting to geek-ify our living room. Because we're geeks. But I've wanted to keep it subtle.

Forever ago I decided I wanted the Han and Leia cameo portraits. I also wanted to create Troy and Riker portraits, but I haven't found good profiles for them yet.

I bought a couple canvases from Hobby Lobby to paint the portraits. I'm not a painter. I actually hate painting with a passion. So I cheated and printed the silhouettes to trace onto my canvases. I did paint them, I just didn't free-hand them.

I worked on these one Saturday during cleaning breaks. I also worked on a Princess Bride painting which I'm not currently happy with so this is as much as you get to see of it for now.

These were actually really fun to paint and didn't take as much time and effort as I thought they would. FYI, I'm totally in love with young Harrison Ford.

 I'm really happy with how my portraits came out and with the mantle arrangement. Especially at night.

Another thing I did was print out this Wars on Kincaid portrait from AlienArtisan. I cropped it into 3 different pannels to put into my frames.

Please note, I would happily buy Wars on Kincaid prints,but, after much
Googling, I've not found them for sale; however, this was available for download
from AlienArtisan's Deviant Art gallery, so I don't think he's selling prints.

In our home Star Wars vs. Star Trek is an ongoing argument. As you can see, at the moment, Star Wars is gaining ground in the living room. Believe you me, Star Trek may lose a battle here and there, but it will win the war!

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