Monday, July 21, 2014

Mario Birthday Cake

The husband's birthday cake was 100% paleo and delicious!

It was 2 layers and flavors, chocolate and vanilla. The vanilla cake was the same recipe from my Strawberry Shortcake. The chocolate cake was made using this Paleo Chocolate Cake recipe. The only change is using honey instead of maple syrup.

I hadn't ever made the chocolate icing yet, so that was a fun experiment that turned out well.

While the husband hates when I watch Cake Boss, I told him that he has to accept that it's been educational. I learned how to dirty ice a cake first to keep crumbs from getting on the top coat.

I made the little Mario toppers using this diorama set.

I think this was pretty much the best birthday cake I've made for the husband yet. But that's sort of the point. I try to one-up myself every year. Next year is his 30th birthday. I already know what I want to do to celebrate it, but I haven't figured out the cake yet. I've got a year, tho.

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